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    Contact for business opportunity.

    • Here is the Franchise and Operating Fee to join Soga Mochi Donut:

      -Initial Franchise Fee: $29,000

      -Donut Equipment Costs: $12,000 - $15,000

      -Renovation Costs: with kitchen $50,000 -$70,000 (depends on size)

                                     without kitchen $70,000 -$ 150,000 (depends on size)

      -Royalty Fee: Net sale 4% per month

      Step 1: Application Submission 

      Please complete and submit your application via portal below. Completion of this step is necessary in order to move forward in our process. Our team will review and respond to your application within 5-7 business days.

      Step 2: INTERVIEW

      This interview is an opportunity for us to get to know you and make sure we are both a great fit for each other, in addition to better understanding your operation plan.

      Step 3: Franchise Agreement

      Once you are awarded a franchise, we will work to execute a non-location specific Franchise Agreement with you.

      Step 4: REAL ESTATE

      Once the lease is signed, Soga Team will assist in finding the ideal spot and assist on the Interior design and renovations to ensure that your Shop meets our design requirements. And at the same time,  all franchise partners and general managers will experience training with a team of experts.

      Step 5: DURING BUILD-OUT

      Also when the location is confirmed, the Operations and Marketing teams will create a robust pre and post-opening plan, setting you up for success in your market.