01 Roasted Soybean Mochi Latte 

📣Roasted Soybean Mochi is inspired by traditional Japanese sweets. Soybean powder adds a nut-like aroma to the milk and balances the sweetness.


02 Mega Yuzu

📣Yuzu flavor gives this drink a citrus kick that tingles the tongue. Don’t let that citrus fool you though, there’s still enough sweetness to keep you coming back for more.

🍿If you want something fun and light, this Mega Yuzu is for you.

03 Black Sesame Cream Latte (with espresso)

🍿Japanese black sesame imparts this a roasted nutty flavor. You will experience how the nutty intensity survive dilution with milk and cream, and how the addicting bitter flavor from cold brew coffee creates a mellow taste.

04 🍵Ceremonial Grade Matcha Latte 

🍵Made with high quality Uji Matcha produced from Uji-Kyoto.
✨Double the richness and aroma.
📣Achieves the velvety smooth taste with layers of frothy cream.