What makes our donuts different?

-The magic starts with the Eggs, Flour, and Butter. After countless experiments, we finally found the closest texture to the authentic Japanese donuts, which is crispy outside, soft and chewy inside,and at the end, it melts in your mouth. 

-In the beginning we offered only six flavors per week, but gradually people's enthusiasm for different flavors made us rethink the flavor rotation pattern. Now you can find at least 16 flavors in every store every day. And of course, our vision for flavors and design is ever expanding.

-Sparks of Cultural Collision. We are proud to feature Japanese/Asian food culture as the main inspiration for the donut's flavors. 

-No chemical preservatives. No genetically modified organisms. No hydrogenated oils. No artificial colors or flavors. Our treats are made to order from eggs and flour, sourcing locally and fresh whenever possible, from our family to yours.